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Volunteers Needed!

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordSeptember 14, 2020

November 25th Update  - thank you to the many parishioners who have stepped forward to serve as volunteers to ensure that worshipping is safely done at Nativity.  During the current lockdown, the services of our Welcoming ushers and cleaning team members are not required.

But at some point in the future we will, praise God, be open again, and more volunteers will be quite welcome.  If you are interested, please contact me at   at your earliest convenience.  

September 11th Update- My dear parishioners, since the reopening of our church in June, we have had a good response from Parishioners to serve in our new essential ministries- Cleaning Team & Welcoming Ushers Team.  However, some are no longer able to do so.  Hence, if you are now able to help, please read the details below because we need you! These positions are mandatory as part of the Worshipsafe document shared with all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Toronto, including Nativity. I thank you for reading this and considering volunteering.

Please contact Joanna ( or 416.621.2732)  asap if you are able and willing to volunteer.  Please give your name, email address, contact phone #, and specify which team(s) you would like to be on.  If it is for a weekday or weekend mass team, please also specify which mass, and if possible, a 2nd choice of mass. 

Note: All volunteers helping at the weekend masses do not need to register through Eventbrite, as they will have assigned seats for their Mass. 

God bless you in advance for your help!

Peace, Fr. Michael


Role: To safely clean the church after each weekday and weekend mass. There is also a team to help Tony, our caretaker, do a deep clean of the church Wednesday mornings and extra volunteers required who are willing and able to help after funerals, weddings and other liturgical celebrations as scheduled (about 20-25 minutes). Training will be done by Tony Marinucci, our caretaker.

Teams needing volunteers:

Monday: after 9:30am Mass (15-20min- 4 volunteers)

Wednesday: after 7pm Mass (15-20min- 4 volunteers)

Thursday: after 9:30am Mass (15-20min- 4 volunteers)

Friday: after 9:30am Mass (15-20min- 4 volunteers)

Saturday: after 5pm Mass (15-20min - 6 volunteers)

Sunday: after 9am Mass (15-20min - 6 volunteers)

               after 11:30am Mass (15-20min- 6 volunteers) 

Deep Clean Team: Wednesdays at 9am (30-45min)

Please note that disposable gloves will be provided to all cleaners – please bring a mask with you, and if you do not have one, we will provide one.


Role: To welcome and seat fellow parishioners arriving for Mass. Also, to assist with the communion reception and when parishioners exit the Church, where donation baskets will be present. Training will be provided by Fr. Michael and/or the other volunteers who have already be trained. 

These duties will be essential in providing parishioners with a warm and safe environment. If you are blessed with a warm, welcoming presence and can graciously assist our parishioners in making them comfortable, we need you!

Teams needing volunteers:

Monday/ Thursday/ Friday: 8:50am - until church is emptied after 9:30am Mass (teams of 3, with 2 backups)

Tuesday/ Wednesday: 6:20pm - until church is emptied after 7pm Mass (teams of 3, with 2 backups)

Saturday: 4:10pm - until church is emptied after 5pm Mass (teams of 6 with 2 backups) 

Sunday: 8:10am- until church is emptied after 9am Mass (teams of 6 with 2 backups) 

                10:40am- until church is emptied after 11:30am Mass (teams of 6 with 2 backups) 

Please note that for all Welcoming Usher team members, wearing a mask is essential – if you do not have one or forget to bring one, we will provide one for you.