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Nativity of Our Lord

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March 29 - Isaiah 42: 1-7

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordMarch 29, 2021

today's other readings are Psalm 27 and John 12: 1-11

One of the many, many spiritual delights of Holy Week is the opportunity once again to hear the proclamation of the Servant Songs of the Lord in our masses of Palm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and at the Good Friday service.

These 4 servant songs are interspersed throughout what Scripture Scholars call Deutero-Isaiah, the 2nd part of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, which is found in chapters 40-55 of this Book.  Scholars believe that this book is a collection of prophecies that occurred during the time of the Exile of the Jewish people in Babylon, during the 6th century BC.  Many of these prophecies are meant to be words of encouragement for the Israelites as they long for a return back to their homeland.

These 4 servant songs are prophecies of a mysterious figure, this servant of the Lord, who will come at a unknown time in the future, and who is also a servant of the People. 

Growing up as a faithful Jew, Jesus would have been familiar with these songs, and no doubt He would have come to realize that His coming work that the Father would ask of Him would be very much in alignment with these prophecies. 

Today we read the first of these songs.  I encourage you to pray with each one in the masses and service I mention above, especially the thrilling and stunning Suffering Servant of the Lord prophecy that we will hear proclaimed in the 1st reading of our Good Friday service.