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Nativity of Our Lord

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July 14 - Mt. 11: 25-27

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordJuly 14, 2021

today's other readings are Ex. 3: 1-6, 9-12 and Psalm 103

A child-like faith.  A faith which Jesus praises in today's gospel.

What kind of faith is child-like?  To answer that, allow me, dear reader, to list some of those qualities I see in the faith of children.  First, curiousity - a desire to find out more, and a willingness to ask questions.  Second, a sense of openness - being open to what comes their way.  Thirdly, trusting - trusting that God loves them and wants the best for them. Fourthly, joyful - how many children have told me in the past couple of weeks how good they feel after celebrating thier 1st reconcilation, and how they look forward to their 1st communion.  And sixthly, an ability to see things in a way that we adults often lose. 

Think of those 6 qualities I have listed.  Are they present in your faith?