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Nativity of Our Lord

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Nov. 19 - Sisters of St. Joseph, Toronto

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordNovember 19, 2021

today's readings are 1 Maccabees 4: 36-37, 52-59; 1 Chronicles 29; and Lk. 19: 45-48

The Jewish people fully understand the importance of their past - remembering it, and retelling it, again and again.  For they quite rightly realize that to know who they are they need to know where they came from.  And our first reading today is a great example of this, with the rededication of the Temple after it had been defiled by King Antiochus and his followers, and today's story forms much of the basis of the feast of Hannukah that our Jewish brothers and sisters will celebrate next month.  

As Roman Catholic Christians, it is important that we too know our story as to where we came from.  We also need to recognize and celebrate the efforts of those who have been fundamental in the building of the Church, even here in Toronto.

Today, the teachers and staff of Michael Power St. Joseph's High School will be at the 9:30 mass and then will hear a presentation given by members of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Toronto, who founded St. Joseph's Islington High School in 1949.  This all girls school eventually merged with the all boys school Michael Power HS and is now located on just north of us on Renforth Rd.  

The Sisters first came to Toronto at the request of Bishop Charbonnel, the 2nd Bishop of Toronto (Michael Power being the first bishop).  Quickly the sisters established the Houses of Providence and St. Joseph's Academy.  In their 170 years here founded numerous schools and hospitals such as St. Michael's and St. Joseph's.  And in line with their original mission, they continue to run numerous ministries that serve the needs of the marginalized in our city.  

We all owe a great debt of thanks to the Sisters of St. Joseph, Toronto.  For more information about their history and their current work here in Toronto, go to Sisters of St. Joseph - Home (