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Nativity of Our Lord

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Caring Ministry at Nativity.

Dcn. Gerard AlmeidaThe Caring MinistryJuly 25, 2022

The reception of Communion unites the sick person with Christ and the members of Christ’s body, the Church. Unless medical personnel have indicated that there are dietary restrictions, the Eucharist may be brought to the sick by a priest, deacon, or lay minister.

Sometimes a family member may be delegated by the pastor to do this. In our Parish the Caring Ministry members bring the Eucharist on a weekly basis to the sick and homebound Parishioners.

We used to also bring Communion to Long Term Care Homes at Westbury and Centennial Park Nursing Home. On account of restrictions from the Government and the Archdiocese of Toronto this work is at a standstill until further notice.

The Caring Ministry is blessed to have all the support and cooperation from our dear Pastor Rev. Fr. Michael Machacek.

I am also grateful for the support of the executive committee: Darlene, Gabriela and Betty, and all members.

Many of our Caring Ministry Members are in their sixties, seventies and even a few in their eighties but that does not stop them from bringing Communion to the sick. Since we are now aging, I earnestly appeal that we get some young blood involved in the Ministry.

When we grow old, we will need someone to bring communion to us. We will need YOU, the young people whom we wish to groom and prepare to take our place.

It is said “Do to others as we would expect others to do to us.”

We are very grateful for the efforts of our youngest member, Chelsea Herman.

Anyone wishing to join the Caring Ministry or anyone who has a sick person who is homebound and cannot attend the Holy Mass please feel free to contact the Parish office at 416-621-2732 and give your name/s so we can get in touch with you.

“Life is a Gift given to us by God. What we do in this life is our gift to God”.

Remember, gift is nothing but give it freely and truly.

All of us will grow old and will need someone to bring the Eucharist to us at home. Will that be YOU?

God Bless you and your families.

Your Reward is great in Heaven.

Ave Maria.

Keith Lewis on behalf of the Caring Ministry.