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May 19 - a few thoughts

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordMay 19, 2023

today's readings are Acts 18: 9-18; Psalm 47 and John 16: 20-23

Forgive me reader, if you were expecting a reflection on one of the readings.  Instead, the Spirit is leading me to share a few thoughts on our coming celebrations for the younger members of our parish - confirmation this Saturday at the 5 pm mass with Bishop Camilleri; and then, for the really young ones, their first confessions on Thursday the 25th, followed by their 1st communions at either the 5 pm mass on the 27th or the 11:30 mass on the 28th.  

2 thoughts - first, I have been deeply impressed by the earnestness of our young people.  With both groups, they are engaged and eager to celebrate.  For the confirmation candidates, I heard again and again from the catechists how good this group is.  And certainly the quality and content of their letters each one wrote to me as to why they wish to be confirmed was top notch.

The second point is our catechists - the 1st Communion/Reconciliation group led by Miriam Hennessy, and the Confirmation catechists led by Arianne Hashim.  All of them were extremely diligent and fastidiousness in their roles.  They really care for the spiritual development of the children entrusted to them.  On a personal note, I am extremely grateful for their generous sharing of their time and talents for our children and our parish. 

Dear reader, I ask you then to pray for our children over the coming 10 days and ask almighty God to bless them as continue their faith journeys with the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.