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Nativity of Our Lord

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May 25- John 17: 20-26

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordMay 25, 2023

today's other readings are Acts 22:30; 23: 6-11 and Psalm 16

One of my favourite chants from the Taize community of France is Ubi caritas.

This haunting, simple chant goes like this - Ubi caritas et amor, ubi caritas, Deus ibi est. Translated, it means "Where charity and love is, there is God".

This chant is especially appropriate in light of the prayer of Jesus in today's gospel.  I invite you to read the text while listening to this recording.  

(32) Ubi Caritas Taizé - YouTube

P.S. the image above is taken of the Taize community at prayer.  

P.P.S. Please remember to join us for our Pentecost Vigil service this Saturday at 7 pm.