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Church Renovations start Jan. 2nd

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordDecember 19, 2023

My dear parishioners:  

As was announced on the weekend of December 9/10, and then formally presented after all the masses of Dec. 16/17, on Tuesday January 2nd we began major renovations of the interior of our parish church.

Some of the items of work to be done include:

1) 24 pendant lights throughout the church and special "stage" lighting for the sanctuary which will dramatically improve the level of lighting in our church.  

2) replacement of the carpet in the sanctuary area, reinforcement of the wooden platform, and then laying of a new carpet

3) a new ambo (pulpit), altar, a new stand (plinth) for the tabernacle and a new, permanently fixed baptismal font

4) the wooden screen (reredos) behind the presider's chair will be replaced by a opaque glass and porcelain reredos etched with sacred images and a few verses from St. John's gospel

5) Behind the brick wall of the resurrected Christ, panels coated with venetian plaster will be placed. On the plaster will be etchings of the Biblical "Tree of Life" which will highlight the cross. 

6) lowering of the images of Jesus on the east and west aisles of the church near the sanctuary, with the bulkheads being removed.  The tabernacle alcove will also be transformed.

7) alignment of the stations of the Cross along the side walls.

Starting on Thursday Jan. 4th, all Monday to Friday masses will be held in the hall.  Weekend masses will still be in the church. 

Funerals on weekdays will be held at Our Lady of Peace or St. Clement's parishes.  Saturday funerals still should be able to be held here at Nativity.

It is hoped that the majority of the work will be done by Easter.  

100% of all donations to this project that are marked "Renovation" will not be subject to the normal 15% assessment by the Archdiocese of Toronto.  

I am quite confident that this project will greatly improve the sacredness and beauty of our church, a confidence that was affirmed by the many parishioners who attended these presentations.  I encourage you to consider donating to the renovation project. I too will be making a substantial donation for this work. 

For a complete understanding of the scope of the work to be done, its cost, as well as images that show you how the church will look, please go to the link of the mass of Sat. Dec. 16th - then forward to the 54: 10 mark, where my presentation begins.

The link is here - (10) Saturday Mass, Dec 16th 5:00PM - YouTube

May God bless all of you!  Fr. Michael Machacek.