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Nativity of Our Lord

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March 22 - Psalm 18

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordMarch 22, 2024

today's other readings are Jeremiah 20 and John 10: 31-42

"In my distress I called upon the Lord. and He heard my voice". (the response to today's psalm 18)

Jesus' life, like ours, was always heading to the same destiny - death.  For us humans, this thought can be unsettling - how and when will it happen - what will the actually process of death be like? And of course, what lies on the other side?

The human side of Jesus knew how we feel.  With the death of His friend Lazarus, He groaned deep in His soul (john 11:33). The prospect of His own death agitated Him, as we will read this Sunday in St. Mark's Passion (see 14:33, specifically). In St. Matthew's account He throws Himself onto His face (26:39).  Yet, He also faced this reality with great courage and that deep seated conviction that His death would be for all, and that through His death and resurrection eternal death would not have the final say in our lives.  

This is what we look forward to - the gift of eternal life.  And this coming Holy Week we will again celebrate the events that brought us this gift.