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Nativity of Our Lord

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March 26 - John 13: 21-33, 36-38

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordMarch 26, 2024

today's other readings are Isaiah 49: 1-6 and Psalm 71

Today' gospel reading is set during the Last Supper, which in St. John's gospel starts at the beginning of chapter 13 and concludes at the end of chapter 17.

In our passage we hear that Jesus is troubled in spirit.  He knows that He will be soon betrayed, and that His death will occur with the next 24 hours. So He takes that time in the Upper Room to hold nothing back from His apostles.  

These moments were precious ones between Jesus and the Apostles. After 3 years of living and traveling together, listening and learning and loving, here they are in that Room one last time.  Lots of memoires came to their minds as they ate and prayed and sang the ancient songs of the Passover Meal.  But there must have also been a quiet poignancy in the Room.  And those present would never forget it what they did, said and heard. 

Have you ever had such a time with Jesus or the Father of the Spirit?  An extended period in which time seemed to have been suspended as you were in a deep communion with Them?  Have you ever hushed yourselves so as to listen to Him?

Please do so this week. For example, you have a splendid opportunity during this evening's Holy Hour following the 7 pm mass.  Or after the the Holy Thursday mass when the church will be open for private prayer until 11 pm.  

Do so.  You will be the better for it.