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Nativity of Our Lord

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Easter Wednesday - Lk. 24: 13-35

Fr. Michael MachacekNativity of Our LordApril 3, 2024

today's other readings are Acts 3: 1-10 and Psalm 105

What was it that prevented the disciples from initially recognizing Jesus on the Road to Emmaus? One can come with all kinds of plausible reasons, but it may also have been something that so many of us, myself included, are plagued with - distractions.  How often are our days packed full, juggling work and family and household tasks, checking to-do lists, emails, phone calls, and all the other demands that fill our days.

The disciples eventually recognized that their hearts were burning with recognition of God, who loves us, seeks us, and calls us by name. Despite their earlier distractions, it is after intentional reflection, engaging in meaningful conversation with each other, and breaking bread together that they see how Jesus had been present.

Where has Jesus been present in your life today, or for that matter, yesterday?  A good way to do this is, before you go to bed, consider the events of the day. You just might be surprised to see how often He has been present in a person you encountered, a moment of quiet joy and contentment, or even in some time of prayer.  He is there.  We just need to pause and reflect.